Whats so good about the alloy shark heli?

This year one of the most popular presents at RED5 is the Alloy Shark also known as the Syma S006 a 3 channel mini helicopter. Before we talk about the Alloy Shark its worth mentioning the helicopter it replaced, which was the Bladez 3D. The success of the Bladez 3D heli was down to its stability and handling, which made it one of the best handling helicopters around.

Whilst other mini helicopter manufacturers were competing on making the smallest helicopter possible the Bladez 3D was concerntrating on being the best handling around. The main problem with trying to make the smallest mini helicopter was that the smaller the design the harder it was to control. Also by being slightly larger in size it is more like the real life rdio controlled helicopters that cost hundreds of pounds.

The Syma S006 has now come along to replace the Bladez 3D and improve things further by replacing the plastic parts with metal ones and giving it that extra bit of quality and a big thumbs up in the looks department!

Alloy Shark on the move

The controls are what you would expect from the a 3 channel helicopter (forwards, backwards, left, right, up and down), and once mastered, give you the ability to put the helicopter just about anywhere you want!

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Watch the Syma S006 Alloy Shark fly!

Have a look at this video for an idea how easy it is to fly: