BladeRunner Mini the new version of the popular range

This is the smaller version of the original BladeRunner. More expensive than the entry model Picoo Z it comes with a few added features to warrant the slightly larger price tag.

BladeRunner Mini

Rather than a single rotar the BladeRunner Mini has two which provide additional stability and manoeuvrability over single rotar heli's.

In addition to the twin rotar's this helicopter comes with a handy feature of continued forward motion, so when the helicopter is in the air it moves forward on it's own allowing you to concerntrate on directions and hight.

This makes the BladeRunner Mini uncomplicated to fly and gives you more control on where it goes with full up/down left/right controls.
With a 30 feet flying range and around 6 minutes of flying time per charge (around 45 minutes to fully charge) it's a great mini heli for both indoor and outdoor use.

BladeRunner Video and information

Have a look at this video for an idea how easy it fly's: