What can the Micro Mosquito do?

The Micro Mosquito is similar in design to the Bladerunner Mini in that it has two rotars for increased control and stability. At around the £30 mark it's cheaper than the Bladerunner Mini and rather than being helicopter looking the Micro Mosquito looks similar to it's namesake. With it's ultra cool green led lights as eyes this does look like a great little helicopter and is really stable when it's in the air.

Micro Mosquito

Complete with landing pad the Micro Mosquito is ideal for indoor use, it's remarkably easy to fly indoor and response to controller movements is precise. It's also very easy to take off and land as you can see from the video below.

The three channel radio controller is idea if you plan on flying more than one at the same time and with 10 minutes flight time to a 45 minute charge this would be great fun if two or three were used at the same time.

Micro Mosquito Video look how easy it is to fly!

Have a look at this video for an idea how easy it is to fly's:

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