The Picoo Z Battle Pack Is Such Good Fun With Friends

Take the fantastic Picoo Z, multiply it by 2 and add lasers which disable the opponents engine temporarily and you have the Picoo Z Battle Pack.
Equipped with a fire button and speaker on each radio controller the Picoo Z Battle Pack allows two people to use these great heli's to fight it out and find the king of the sky's.

Picoo Z Battle Pack

For around £50 they will provide plenty of fun and amusement for you and your family/friends and a charge of arund 20-30 minutes should be good for about 10 minutes of flight time.

The Picoo Z is a great little robust heicopter with easy to use controls you will soon be able to fly it around the house/office practising evasive manoeuvers in order to be the champion of pilots.

Check out this video for an idea how it works: