What you need to know about the small but robust Picoo

Available in a choice of colours each with it's own frequency the Picoo Z also known as the Pico Z, is one of the entry models available. However this does not mean it is not up to the challenge, the Picoo Z really packs a punch and is a great starter mini rc heli which wil help learn the basics of flying.

Picoo Z

For around £20 it will provide hours of fun both at home or in the office, and if your pockets are a little deeper why not consider the Picoo Z Sky Challenger Battle Pack with built in lasers, battle it out with your family or mates and become the champion of the sky's.

A charge of around 30 minutes allows approximately 10 minutes flight time with a flight range of up to 30ft which is more than enough for a quick blast around the office or to scare the life out of your pets!

Check out this video for an idea how the Picoo Z fly's:

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