Syma S107 Helicopter Review

On first glance the Syma S107 mini rc helicopter looks just like many of the other indoor helicopters available at the moment from various places on the internet and high street. It isn't until you look a little closer that you realise there are small additional features that set this little heli apart from the rest in it's price range. Fitted with a Gyroscope system the S107 on paper should be more manoeuvrable and stable compared to similar models, something which I test and review later on.

Syma S107 Helicopter

Removing the helicopter from its packaging straight away it feels a lot more sturdier and solid than similar models thanks to its metal frame and hardened plastic body. There is no polystyrene here and flimsy parts that have the chance of breaking easily on the slightest of impacts. In addition to the helicopter and controller the box contains basic instructions, a USB cable for charging and a spare tail blade should you need a replacement.

The helicopter itself has an on-off switch on one side of the body and a charge socket on the other side. It can be charged in the usual way by plugging it into the handheld controller using the cable stored behind a panel on the rear of the controller or by using what I feel is a great selling point of this helicopter, a supplied USB cable which lights up red when fully charged.

Syma S107 Box

I think this is a great feature as it saves the battery power of the controller and although not tested fully looks as if it charges the helicopter faster than using the controller method. This is a feature that would be great on other models and not something I have come across before. The controller itself requires 6 x AA batteries and although this is a couple more than some other models by using the above mentioned USB charging method they should last longer.

Fitted with an adjustable rotation control to minimise in flight rotation and channel switch the helicopter can run on two different channels.

Syma S107 USB Charger

The test:
Below is a basic video of the first test flight.

First impressions are very good; the S107 flys very well and performs the best in terms of ease of flight compared to anything else close to its price range. The controls are precise, hovering is easily achievable and both forward and reverse movement along with left and right directions are accurate.

Following additional flights after the video I am really impressed with how well this little helicopter handles and even though the suggested age on the box is 14+ my 6 year old son can fly it with little trouble which really shows how well suited it is for beginners.

Priced at £30 the Syma S107 helicopter is available from Red5 - click here.

  • Charges in 40-50 minutes via USB or handset to give 6-8 minutes of flight time (approx.)
  • Measures 22cm (length) x 3.8cm (width) x 9.8cm (height)
  • Main rotor measures 19cm in diameter
  • Range of 30ft (approx.)
  • Rechargeable 3.7v Li-poly battery included (helicopter)
  • 2 frequencies available
  • Requires 6 x AA batteries
  • Spare parts available

  • With quoted flight times of 8 minutes from around a 40 minute charge this is a great daily use mini heli and should stand up to crashes better than similar models although to date I have not experienced any crashes to comment.

    Available in 3 different colours red, yellow and blue the Syma S107 is a great rc helicopter and one of the best I have had the pleasure of testing in this price range and have to admit that it competes with models worth 3 times more purely based on the simplicity of use, sturdy design and handy features such as the additional USB charging adapter.

    If you do need any spare parts then they can be purchased here.