Walkera Genius Chopper Mini Helicopter - Are you ready to take on the challenge?

The Walkera 5-6 Genius Chopper is one for the more experienced flyers, due to it's higher price tag of around £100. If your have previously been flying some of the more entry level models and are looking to move to the next stage then this may be just right for you.

Walkera Genius Chopper

So you fancy more of a challenge having mastered the lower price tag models? The Walkera 5-6 Genius Helicopter being a much closer descendant to your typical full sized helicopter is perfect for those who have used them for a while.

It's a very complex and sophisticated version with 4 channel radio controller and lots of complicated parts giving it plenty of stability. The controls are also more complex on the Walkera 5-6 Genius Helicopter with the usual left/right up/down and forward motions accompanied by backwards and clockwise/anti-clockwise movement giving the Walkera additional maneuverability.

Check out this video for an idea how well the Walkera fly's: